sobota 17. března 2012

Super Mario Brothers

Do you like it? :-)

pondělí 12. března 2012

Flight of the bumble bee

Quite awesome performation of this great piece.
Evgeny Kissin there ;-)


neděle 11. března 2012

Rebecca Black and Nyan Cat - AT THE SAME TIME

I really like it, the girl, this two songs and together :-D Pure awesomness ;-)
Check out her channel( here )!!


sobota 10. března 2012

Mozart - Turkish march

Here it is: I used to play this. I really enjoyed it :-D
Original Version:

Jazz version: 

Beethoven Sonata Op 57 "Appassionata" Mov3

My most loved piece. Its just amazing how Beethoven could compose it. The bubbeling sounds, many voices etc.
It is just totally awesome!


This has nothing to do with piano, anyway, i was just woken up by this ringtone, I really hate this song :-D Do you have it too on your Android device?

čtvrtek 8. března 2012

Argerich and Kissin

This inseparable duo plays Mozart sonata KV 521 first part. Thay have played a lot of 4-hand compositions...

středa 7. března 2012

Beethoven - Turkish March

Really nice composition.
Very talented pianist Evgeny Kissin is 26 years old in this vid.
Look at that crowded concert hall. 
Next time I'll show you Mozarts famous Turkish march...

úterý 6. března 2012

Marche Funèbre

One of the most famous Funbral marches ever! 
No words are needed to describe this masterpiece...
By Frédéric Chopin

pondělí 5. března 2012


Harry plays Harry Potter piano theme.
Such a great improvisation of many styles in one melody theme, that man is really good at this.
You can hear Jazz, Beethoven, Mozart or even Michael Jacksons Beat it improvisation style in this vid.
I can listen to this many times in row.
I pray that I could play like this.

Pianists #1

Valentina Lisitsa
Valentina Lisitsa  is a Ukrainian-born classical pianist living in USA. She's really famous on youtube becouse of her channel where she posts videos filmed at concerts or by her self.
She's known as really precise pianists, she never makes any mistake.

Anyway some can miss that special feel while listening her. 
However I would say that she plays compositions as their composer wished to be played.
She started playing the piano at the age of three, performing her first solo recital at the age of four.
She's really special and it really makes me love classical music while listening her.
It's really bad that she do concerts only in USA, becouse she would have really happy specators here in a center of culture.

I really recommend you to visit her channel (here) even if you are not a classical music person. It really catches you.!

Evgeny Kissin: Happy Birthday

As simple as it could be :-D
I love to post this on my friends wall on FB when they have birthday.

He's a pirate!

Yea, this is really famous movie theme, year ago youtube group called The Piano Guys filmed this awesome piece by them self, i like the effects etc. anyway i think it's quiet overloaded with decorations (thrills, divided chords etc.) 

Valentina Lisitsa

This is my favourite piece, played by my favourite pianist.
Some one youtube play it  quite fast like Evgeny Kissin ( -- ) or with mistakes :-) (--) like Vladimir Horowitz


at the beginning of this blog  is here 1st movement of pathetique sonata by Beethoven played by 

Krystian Zimerman, one of the finest living pianists.